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See also List of music software References Category:2008 video games Category:Drum machines Category:IOS games Category:IOS-only games Category:Puzzle video games Category:Video games developed in Germany Category:Video games developed in the United StatesA majority of Americans think President Obama should be more aggressive in his response to Russia’s incursion into Ukraine, according to a new poll released Tuesday. The majority opinion is a marked improvement for Obama, who has been much more muted than some of his predecessors in the face of Russia’s incursion, as well as in his earlier rhetoric of a “red line” in the Ukraine that was crossed, threatening Russia with consequences. Obama has at times been criticized by Democrats and Republicans alike for not drawing the “red line” on Russia. But a majority of the public, according to the Fox News poll, thinks he should have. Obama’s “level of intransigence is a growing concern among the American people,” said Republican pollster Bill McInturff, who co-conducted the poll. “It has become increasingly difficult for the president to talk tough on the issue,” he said, noting that majorities of Democrats, independents and Republicans think that U.S. policy toward Russia should include tougher sanctions and use of military force to stop Russian incursion into Ukraine. “His credibility on the issue has been dramatically impacted,” said McInturff, noting that there’s been a sharp decline in the percentage of Americans saying Russia is a vital U.S. ally, from 70 percent in April 2014 to 50 percent last month. When asked if sanctions would work, fewer than half of the public said yes. “One way or another, I think the world is going to be reordered” if the Ukraine crisis remains unresolved, said McInturff, who added that the president’s “self-image and presidency is at stake” on the issue. The Fox News poll of 1,024 adults nationwide was conducted online June 24-26. It has a margin of error of 3 percentage points. Read more from PostPolitics Obama and his aides have warned that unless Russia withdraws its forces from the border, there will be consequences. But the Ukraine crisis has already done


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